Maximilian Kiechle

Case: Social Media Campaign – Love Beer


Creating a launch campaign for Schneider Weisse’s new beer, Love Beer, that generates awareness and drives foot-traffic.

Schneider Weisse Love Beer Social Media Kampagne von Maximilian Kiechle


Schneider Weisse needed a splash to launch their new wheat beer, Love Beer, targeting young Munich residents (25-35) with a modern and premium lifestyle. The challenge was creating a social media campaign to generate buzz, lead to a launch event, and ultimately drive sales.

Key Takeaways:

This case study showcases how a strategic social media campaign, combined with an exciting launch event, can generate buzz, drive engagement, and achieve impressive sales results. It also demonstrates my ability to:

  • Develop creative and engaging content.
  • Execute targeted social media advertising.
  • Build partnerships and collaborations.
  • Plan and manage successful events.
  • Track and analyze results for continuous improvement.



We brewed up an omnichannel approach. Say hi to our “Stammtisch-Tour“:

1. Design & Creation: Eye-catching, colourful visuals were key. Bold messaging and strategic hints about the new beer kept the audience curious until launch.

2. Awareness: A teaser video, featuring the brand and Bavarian music band LaBrassBanda, sparked interest on YouTube and social media. Targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram ensured it reached the right audience in Munich.

3. Promotion: The exclusive launch event was the centrepiece. A city-wide rally offered access, creating excitement and word-of-mouth buzz. Five locations, including beer gardens, the Isar River, and a secret spot, hosted the event, transforming it into a live festival with thousands celebrating with LaBrassBanda.


  • Sales Soared: Retail sales in Munich surged by 60%, exceeding expectations.
  • Media Magnet: The exclusive event attracted local newspapers, amplifying its reach.
  • Industry Recognition: DPOK (German Online Communication Award) crowned the campaign “Launch Campaign of the Year 23”.

Take a look at our launch event in Munich. Here’s a quick recap of our successful Social Media Campaign.

This Love Beer campaign is a testament to the power of integrated marketing that connects online engagement with real-world experiences, ultimately leading to brand success.

I’m more than happy that we won two awards at the “Deutsche Preis für Onlinekommunikation 23” for Best Launch & Brand Communications.

On the image on the right/below:

Head of Marketing, Christian Schürmann, at the award ceremony.