Maximilian Kiechle

Case: Digital Marketing – Schneider Weisse


Create a digital marketing and branding strategy to attract, find and convert online customers.

Digitales Marketing und Social Media Marketing für Schneider Weisse von Maximilian Kiechle


The Bavarian brewing legend Schneider Weisse aimed to reach new audiences in the digital age. Schneider Weisse needed a fresh approach to connect with modern beer lovers while staying true to their heritage.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Strategy: Build, lead, implement and optimize a Digital Marketing Strategy with an omnichannel focus
  • Content: Build and lead new Content Marketing Strategy, including B2C channels Facebook, Instagram, Website & Newsletter and B2B channels Linkedin and Export communications, including a design refresh and influencer / co-creator management
  • Performance: Support foot-to-store traffic with content strategy and media ads on Facebook and Instagram to drive promotions
  • Stakeholder Management: Internal & external (agencies & co-creators) management and monthly KPI reporting for C-Level stakeholders incl. PR
  • Leadership: Hire and build a digital marketing team


Results in a nutshell

Strong results between Mrc 20 and Jul 22

0 %
increased organic impressions across social media platforms YoY
0 %
average growth in followers on Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin
0 %
YoY sales uplift in key areas


A data-driven approach was key. We analyzed the competitive landscape and audience demographics to craft a targeted digital marketing strategy. Engaging content captured their passion for brewing, quality, and Bavarian roots, from mouthwatering photos to behind-the-scenes videos. Social media profiles received a makeover, with influencer partnerships spreading the word. 

A thriving online community was fostered through active engagement and user-generated content.

Targeted social media ads reached the right people at the right time, driving them to local stores through a seamless sales funnel. A collaborative team of digital marketing experts executed the plan, working closely with agencies and keeping leadership informed.


Impressions on social media skyrocketed by 3000%, signifying a hungry audience. The community doubled on Instagram and quadrupled on LinkedIn. Email campaigns boasted a 60%+ open rate, and influencer collaborations brought authenticity to the brand.

Most importantly, offline sales increased by 30% in key areas, proving that success translated into tangible results.


What the Client says about my Work

Status Quo

Beyond the Numbers: This wasn’t just about numbers; it was about building a connection. Schneider Weisse became a thought leader in the digital beer world, cultivating a passionate online community. Strong partnerships were forged with external partners, and a collaborative spirit thrived within the team.

Cheers to the Future: The partnership with Schneider Weisse continues to grow, with new challenges and projects on the horizon. Innovation and exploration of new technologies remain key to ensure Schneider Weisse stays at the forefront of the craft beer scene, both online and off.