Maximilian Kiechle

Case: Digital Marketing – Schneiders Landbrauerei


Create a digital marketing strategy for a brand launch including the creation of a modern website.

Social Media Marketing Campaign for Schneiders Landbrauerei by Maximilian Kiechle


Bavarian brewing giant Schneider Weisse tasked me with leading the launch of a new beer brand, Schneider Helles Landbier. My responsibility was to create and execute a digital marketing strategy that would successfully connect with consumers and drive sales, both online and offline. The launch also included the development of a new website and branding.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Strategy: Leading the development and execution of the digital marketing strategy.
  • Influencer: Collaborating with local influencers to promote the new beer.
  • Content: Creating engaging content for social media and the website.
  • Website: Managing the launch of the new website and branding.
  • Performance: 
  • Reporting: Tracking and analyzing results to optimize the strategy.



Our digital marketing strategy focused on a highly targeted approach to attract and convert new audiences interested in Bavaria’s freshly produced lager-style beer. We leveraged social media and collaborated with local influencers to communicate the unique taste of the new beer while highlighting the beauty and characteristics of the Niederbayern region. 

Social media posts also teased exclusive promotions at local retail stores, generating excitement among the target audience of 25-35-year-olds. To appeal to this demographic, the website and all social media posts featured fresh, direct, and high-quality visual language and tone of voice.


The new digital strategy proved to be a strong success. Local sales markets exceeded expectations, and the beer successfully resonated with the target audience of 25-35 year-olds. 

Local initiatives, such as sponsoring local football clubs, further solidified the brand’s position in the market.